About me

My name is Mariusz and I’m 19.

Muciojad is my pseudonym as author of games, music and websites.

I started adventure with programming in 2012 from learning C++. Now I’m able to making small, weird games, I often take part in game jams – Ludum Dare is my favourite. I had break from posting my games on itch.io, but now I have amazing inspirations and ideas for new games. muciojad.itch.io

I am one of 24 grand prize winners of Google Code-In 2014 contest.


I began my music-journey with first tunes in 2013, and from this time I made unbelievable progress. Now you can listen my royalty free music on channels such as AudioLibrary or MusicForMonetize, and of course on my private soundcloud channel and YouTube.

Follow me on twitter and instagram! @muciojad